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Nathan Peterman takes hard hit in open field, in concussion protocol

Peterman took a hit to the head as he dove forward

During the third quarter of the Buffalo Bills’ game against the Indianapolis Colts, rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman took a hard hit to the head while diving for a first down in the open field, and was taken out of the game for precautionary reasons.

The Bills went into their game against the Colts with a weak depth chart at quarterback. Starting QB Tyrod Taylor was inactive with knee soreness, leaving the Bills with Nathan Peterman to start and special teamer-slash-Wildcat quarterback Joe Webb as the backup.

Peterman wasn’t knocked unconscious, but went into the tent to be evaluated for the concussion protocol, then headed to the locker room. Webb took over under center. If the Bills run into even more injury trouble, they could always call on tight end Logan Thomas, who began his career as a quarterback before switching positions last season.

Buffalo Bills right tackle Jordan Mills also wasn’t able to get up at the end of the play, and had to be helped off-field. A defender rolled up on the back of his leg.

Coach Sean McDermott confirmed after the game that Peterman was in the concussion protocol.