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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens: Sunday Night Football Buffalo Bills chat

The Bills need a Steelers win to help them with their playoff hopes

After an important 13-7 victory today, the Buffalo Bills are still very much in the playoff hunt. For the remainder of the season, they'll need some help throughout the rest of the AFC.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the 7-5 Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are currently in the 6th playoff spot and the final wild card position. A Pittsburgh win would give the Bills a chance to make the most of their last three games and sneak into the playoffs. The Steelers are 10-2 and fighting with the Patriots for home-field advantage for the playoffs and a win today will help them get closer to that number one seed.

The forecast for the game is 32 degrees throughout the night with winds at about 10 miles per hour. With wind chill, it feels about 24 degrees. Fortunately for fans at the game and viewers at home, there is no snow for tonight.

Lets hope the Steelers can help the Bills stay in the hunt!