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5 reasons why Sunday’s win was the most exciting Bills game of 2017

A game that looked like it would be a complete mess at kickoff turned into something so special

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Football combined with snow, generally speaking, is a terrible mix, but Sunday’s Buffalo Bills 13-7 overtime win over the Indianapolis Colts is a reminder that every once in a while, these two things can come together to produce some super-fun results.

Without question, Sunday’s game at a completely snow-covered New Era Field was the most exhilarating Bills game I’ve watched this season. It had all the action, drama, and funny moments one could ask for — who doesn’t love seeing dudes slipping and sliding, and coming up with faces full of snow?

Here are five reasons why Sunday’s snow bowl was the best Bills game of the season up to this point:

1. The Bills’ game-winning drive

Let’s be honest, NO ONE aside from his teammates and family members had faith in Joe Webb leading the Bills down the field in overtime to win the game. I tweeted the following after Webb replaced an injured Nathan Peterman sometime in the third quarter.

And I sent out this one after Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett capped off an impressive touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter with a completed pass into the end zone for a sure game-ending successful two-point conversion attempt that ultimately was called back because of a strangely late offensive pass interface call.

As fate would have it, Webb would shut me up in the extra quarter, delivering a bomb on a third-down play to Deonte Thompson that took the Bills deep into Indianapolis’ side of the field. This was arguably the biggest play of the game, as well as one of the most exciting ones, and it set up LeSean McCoy nicely to close out the game with a 21-yard touchdown scamper.

Webb’s numbers weren’t pretty in the slightest (2-of-6 for 35 yards, 1 interception), but he made one heck of a pass to Thompson. I’ll give him tons of props for that.

2. Tremendous skill on display throughout the game

McCoy was great on the final drive of the game, but he really was a sight to behold all afternoon, cutting and juking just like the Shady we’re accustomed to seeing wreak havoc during dry conditions. He racked up an astounding 156 yards in the snow on a career-high 32 carries.

The impressive plays weren’t just limited to McCoy, though, as Nathan Peterman made some really nice throws and Kelvin Benjamin had a sweet touchdown catch accompanied by nifty footwork in the completely white end zone to ensure that both feet hit in bounds.

On the opposing side, 34-year-old Frank Gore went off for 130 yards rushing and displayed some moves that rivaled those of McCoy’s.

3. Adam Vinatieri’s game-tying extra-point kick was everything

From start to finish, Colts kicker Vinatieri’s 43-yard PAT was must-see TV. Vinatieri and his teammates clearing snow before the kick attempt was like art in motion or something.

And how about the curve the football took once it left the veteran's foot? From looking like the kick was going to miss badly to the right to ultimately falling through the uprights to the game was something else.

It even made a few Bills celebrate prematurely.

4. Absolute snow madness

There were few injuries in the game - the Bills lost Peterman to a concussion and Kelvin Benjamin suffered another knee injury - but neither of these injuries seemed like they were really attributed to the poor weather. So with that, we can have some fun and laugh at the all the silliness the snow caused on the field.

5. The Bills’ faithful showed the snow who’s boss

Just like they’ve done so many times over the team’s history, plenty of Bills fans showed their toughness, braving the condition to support their team despite the extremely unpleasant conditions. Reduced visibility and all, it was really cool to see just how many fans were in the house on Sunday and looking very much like they were having a ball!

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Way to go, guys!