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Bills-Colts snow results in TV ratings spike

Snowvertime game resulted in the second-highest local ratings in 17 years.

No doubt due to the snow storm that blanketed most of the Buffalo area, the Buffalo Bills 13-7 victory against the Indianapolis Colts received the second-highest local ratings for a regular season game since 2000. Apparently, most Western New Yorkers decided they’d rather stay indoors and watch Bills football en masse instead of shovel, as the game pulled in an average Nielson rating of 46.7 and managed to peak as high as 53.7.

The highest-rated Bills game since 2000 was another snow game, a Dick Jauron engineered 8-0 loss to the Cleveland Browns in 2007. A game that featured more pass attempts (33) from Trent Edwards than rushing attempts by Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson (29).

The 46.7 rating for Sunday’s game was actually higher in Buffalo than four Super Bowls that have been played since the year 2000.

For more information on what was going on in the CBS broadcast, check out Richard Dietsch’s interview the the crew and announcers.