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One stat recap: LeSean McCoy leads the way for the Buffalo Bills

Shady plowed his way through the snow and the Colts defense

With the winter weather making aerial attacks mostly inept, both the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts turned to their running backs to carry them. Thankfully for the Bills, LeSean McCoy and Company were better suited for the snow than Frank Gore and his compatriots.

The Bills ran the ball 51 times on Sunday. McCoy was the ball carrier on 32 of those attempts—the most attempts he’s had since his final year at Pitt. McCoy took those 32 carries and turned them into the most rushing yards (156) he has had as a Bill. What did LeSean McCoy say to Father Time? Not today.

McCoy was not alone out there, though. Various Bills chipped in on the other 19 carries for 71 yards. Those yards plus Shady’s added up to 227 yards on the ground. The Indianapolis offense—both rushing and passing—tallied up 227 yards in total.

The weather was crazy and the game was just as wild. The Bills and their fans can thank LeSean McCoy and his awfully broad shoulders for carrying the team to victory. I leave you today with an extremely corny remix of a classic holiday song. Enjoy this win, Bills fans!

Oh, the weather outside was frightful,

but Shady’s running was so delightful.

The quarterbacks had no way to throw,

so Shady said “let me roll, let me roll, let me roll.”

McCoy showed no signs of stopping

and Richie’s blocks, boy, were they popping.

The Colts started going low.

Let Shady roll, let Shady roll.

When Vinatieri’s kick missed the upright

McDermott yelled out to Shady

“Run fast and hold on to the ball real tight

and you’ll surely get a win for us, baby!

The Colts, they kept on trying

But Shady was truly flying

He shot straight through the hole.

Let Shady roll, let shady roll, and roll.

When Shady finally hit pay dirt

The game had really been won.

Their playoff chances would not be hurt.

The season is definitely not done.

“In the Hunt” season is not dying,

For a playoff spot, the Bills are still vying.

If there’s a chance at a Super Bowl,

Let Shady roll, let Shady roll, let Shady roll.

Update: Thanks to Buff-burgh-adelphia for pointing out that McCoy left Pitt after his sophomore year of college and not his senior year. I’ve corrected the statement in the second paragraph accordingly.