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Strength of remaining schedule for AFC playoff contenders in problematic for Buffalo Bills

The Ravens have the clearest path.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

The Buffalo Bills are currently tied for the final playoff spot with the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Chargers (although one of those last two teams in leading the AFC West). With that in mind, the strength of schedule of those teams does not bode well for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills: .564 win percentage remaining

The Bills face the 6-7 Miami Dolphins twice and the 10-3 New England Patriots giving them the toughest strength of schedule among the group of teams vying for the last Wild Card spot. (Unless you count the 6-7 Raiders as still in the hunt but with a .641 win percentage among teams they are playing down the stretch, they’d have to go on a significant run to even have a chance.)

Tennessee Titans: .538 win percentage remaining

There’s a reason most folks think it’s more likely the Titans collapse down the stretch than any other team and it’s their strength of schedule. They face the nine-win Rams and Jaguars over the final two weeks in addition to a 49ers team with new life after trading for Jimmy Garapolo.

Los Angeles Chargers: .462 win percentage remaining

The Chargers and Chiefs are still battling for the AFC West crown along with the Raiders. The Chargers are playing three teams in the middle of the pack; Kansas City (7-6),m New York Jets (5-8), and Oakland (6-7).

Kansas City Chiefs: .436 win percentage remaining

Kansas City plays the Chargers first but after that, no more teams above .500. The 6-7 Dolphins and 4-9 Broncos round out their schedule.

Jacksonville Jaguars: .385 win percentage remaining

The Jaguars are up a game in the AFC South, so this likely won’t come in to play as they win their division. They have a two-game lead on Buffalo and a much easier schedule coming up against Houston, San Francisco, and ending with Tennessee.

Baltimore Ravens: .205 win percentage remaining

Are you kidding me!? A game against the winless Browns, 3-10 Colts, and five-win Bengals is a pretty easy stretch run for a contender.