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Every scenario for the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs with two games left

Here is the master list for Bills fans.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

We’ve been publishing articles all day Monday, showing you how the Buffalo Bills can make the playoffs at 8-8 and how they could go 10-6 and still miss and even that it will be just the second time in 18 years they will be alive in Week 17. All of those can also be found in our StoryStream.

Here’s the big cheese. Here are all the scenarios the Bills can use to get into the postseason for the first time since the Music City Miracle:

If Bills go 10-6

If Buffalo wins both of their remaining games, it’s very straightforward. They need one of the teams they are tied with to lose. Los Angeles won’t come into play because the best they can do is 9-7. Buffalo only needs one of these to happen because they can’t win a four-way tie at 10-6:

  • Bills win two games + Baltimore loses/ties at least one game

- or -

  • Bills win two games + Tennessee loses/ties at least one game

- or -

  • Bills win two games + Jaguars win/tie one game

If Bills go 9-7

This is the most convoluted because there are a host of potential outcomes. We’re making it as easy as we can. Buffalo needs TWO of these to happen:

  • Bills beat Miami + Baltimore loses/ties a game
  • Bills win one game + Tennessee loses/ties to Jacksonville
  • Bills win one game + Los Angeles loses/ties one game
  • Bills win one game + Los Angeles wins two games + Kansas City loses two games

If Bills go 8-8

This one is straightforward but messy. Lots of games have to go Buffalo’s way for them to slide in the back door:

  • Baltimore loses to Indianapolis and Cincinnati + Miami loses to Kansas City + Los Angeles loses one game