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Week 16 NFL power rankings: Buffalo Bills stagnant despite consecutive wins

Despite their win, the Bills stay pretty stagnant this week

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills came away with an important win on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. A win at home against a divisional opponent apparently doesn't do much for the people who make these power rankings week in and week out.

ESPN didn't move the Bills at all, and for this week they'll stay in the 17 spot despite their win. ESPN mentions each team’s veteran pro bowlers impact on the year thus far:

LeSean McCoy and Kyle Williams (5): The 34-year-old Williams is having a down year with 2.0 sacks in 14 games, but McCoy is not. Shady is sixth in the NFL in scrimmage yards and has the second-most touches leaguewide (311).

Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner moved the Bills up one spot to 16 from 17 last week. The Bills are in the top half of the league for them and know that Buffalo is still keeping their head above water in the wild card race:

The Bills are very much alive in the playoff race thanks to the Titans’ collapse. There’s still the issue of having one of their two remaining games at New England, but a loss to the Patriots doesn’t ruin their chances. There are roughly a billion scenarios in play, and the Buffalo News did a good job sorting through them.

Bleacher Report also moved the Bills up one spot from 18 to 17. They key in on how the Bills have won all year:

It's never going to be pretty with the Bills, but that's not the kind of game they want to be in. Buffalo wants to be the more efficient and disciplined team in an ugly, physical contest.

With just two games left on the season, the Bills probably won't crack the top 10 on these rankings but they still have their chance to end the drought. I know every single Bills fan will take a spot in the playoffs over a high spot in the power rankings.