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Tre’Davious White responds to cheap shot by Rob Gronkowski

Bills players’ reactions toward Rob Gronkowski’s late hit on Tre’Davious White have been a central theme this week.

Buffalo Bills fans are still seething after the (extremely) late hit Rob Gronkowski laid on Tre’Davious White on December 3rd. During that Week 13 match-up between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, Gronkowski drove his elbow into the back of White’s helmet following an interception by the potential defensive rookie of the year cornerback.

In the aftermath of the play, White called out Gronkowski and insinuated his actions were “a joke.” Gronkowski was suspended for the following week by the NFL for the flagrant violation. While his suspension likely contributed to a New England loss at the hands of the Miami Dolphins, the general consensus was that the punishment was lenient given the circumstances. While White did not miss any time on the field, he was placed in concussion protocol following the hit. This, in addition to several other factors, reignited talks of the NFL adopting a targeting rule.

This story has simmered for the last three weeks, with fans and analysts alike wondering if there will be in game repercussions for Gronkowski. A Rumblings poll asked fans if teammates should have “done more” immediately after the hit, with 80% of respondents saying “yes.”

This Sunday will officially be the boiling point for this grudge. With that in mind SiriusXM NFL Radio spoke with Tre’Davious White and got the answer to the question everyone’s asking.

"As I've had time to think about it, I knew he wasn't that type of player,” said White this week. “We just honed in and moved on from it. But I get the film Sunday and the best way that I can handle that situation and just try to go in there and just get a big old ‘W' in their stadium and try to help our playoff chances. So yeah, I'm not a guy who's going to try to do a cheap shot after the whistle. Nothing. I'm gonna play the game the way it's supposed to be played. Respect the game and just like I said, going in there and winning would be the best revenge."