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Buffalo Bills playoff scenarios: Baltimore Ravens win removes one path to postseason

The Bills have to win a game now.

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night and in the process removed a playoff scenario for the Buffalo Bills. Not that it was likely, but now the Bills won’t be able to back into the playoffs at 8-8 anymore.

Because Baltimore has won nine games and the Bills can’t win the AFC tiebreaker with the Tennessee Titans at eight wins apiece, Buffalo now needs to win at least one of their remaining two games to make the postseason.

Like we said, this 8-8 scenario was far-fetched, but it still existed and now doesn’t. Here are all the ways the Bills can make the postseason as of Sunday morning.

If Bills go 10-6

If Buffalo wins both of their remaining games, it’s very straightforward. They need one of the teams they are tied with to lose. Los Angeles won’t come into play because the best they can do is 9-7. Buffalo only needs one of these to happen because they can’t win a four-way tie at 10-6:

  • Bills win two games + Baltimore loses/ties Cincinnati in Week 17
  • Bills win two games + Tennessee loses/ties at least one game
  • Bills win two games + Jaguars win/tie one game

If Bills go 9-7

This is the most convoluted because there are a host of potential outcomes. We’re making it as easy as we can.

  • Bills beat Miami in Week 17 + Baltimore loses to Cincinnati in Week 17
  • Bills win one game + Tennessee loses to Jacksonville + Los Angeles loses/ties one game
  • Bills win one game + Tennessee loses to Jacksonville + Tennessee beats L.A. Rams
  • Bills win one game + Tennessee loses to Jacksonville + Kansas City loses both games + Chargers win both games

If the Bills go 8-8

Now that the Ravens have nine wins, the Bills are eliminated if they go 8-8.