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What is a catch? Referee steals touchdown catch from Buffalo Bills receiver Kelvin Benjamin

This was disgusting.

The referees just straight up stole a touchdown from the Buffalo Bills at the end of the first half, overturning a called touchdown catch by Kelvin Benjamin with just two seconds remaining before halftime.

On the call for CBS, Jim Nantz thought it was a catch, even pointing out the pellets coming up from the turf. Contrarily, Tony Romo thought he may not have had control. At halftime, the entire CBS studio crew agreed it should have been a catch.

As they went to halftime, the ref was explaining the call to Bills head coach Sean McDermott who was staring straight through the ref.

Buffalo managed to kick a field goal on the next play to tie the game at 13 but Benjamin had a touchdown (and Charles Clay drops a touchdown on the play before). The Bills should be in the lead right now but it was stolen on replay.

Here are some reactions: