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Buffalo Bills playoff scenarios: help needed in Week 17

The Bills have to beat the Dolphins. Then what?

When the Baltimore Ravens won on Saturday night, it removed the possibility that the Buffalo Bills could make the postseason at 8-8. Now that the Bills have lost to the New England Patriots, the playoff picture is very much in focus.

It starts with a win by the Bills over the Miami Dolphins. If Buffalo loses to Miami they are eliminated. After beating Miami, one of a few different scenarios need to play out across the NFL:

The Bengals did a nice job in Week 16, ending the playoff hope of the Detroit Lions. Hopefully they can do the same thing against the Ravens next week in head coach Marvin Lewis’ swansong with the team.

The Bills haven’t made the postseason since 1999 and this year, and they will need a bunch of help to change that this year.