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Buffalo Bills fans rooting hard against Pittsburgh Steelers today

If the Jags have nothing to play for, that’s bad news for the Bills.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills didn't do themselves any favors by dropping a game to the New England Patriots for the second time this year. Now they find themselves in a situation where they need help to get into the playoffs in Week 17, which is the first time they've been able to do so since 2004.

Even before Week 17 starts, the Bills could use some help today as the Houston Texans take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Pittsburgh wins, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be locked into the third seed in the AFC playoff race and have nothing to play for next week.

The Jaguars play the Tennessee Titans next week, and one of the ways for the Bills to make the playoffs involves a Titans loss. Jacksonville still being able to secure a first round bye and the second seed in the AFC would be helpful in that regard.

Come chat with us during the game as the playoff implications continue to loom.

From Buffalo Rumblings family to yours, Merry Christmas and Go Bills!