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Snap Count notes: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Our weekly look at who played and how much

At this point in the season, the roster is pretty much set along with relative playing times. Without any major roster change to shake things up, we’re digging deep this week.

Offense (70 total plays)

  • The solid six (offensive line and QB) were in for 100% of snaps again this week. With playoff hopes hanging by a thread, this is about as good of news as we’ll have in this column. With none of the above missing a snap it’s a safe bet they’ll be healthy for the regular season finale.
  • We won’t know the intended totals, but Mike Tolbert outpaced Travaris Cadet 15 snaps to 5. Nothing suggests Tolbert wasn’t part of the game plan however, and that’s less encouraging than the last note. Interestingly, Tolbert has been listed as a running back all year. With his surprising Pro Bowl status at fullback this past week, it seems the data world noticed.
  • Deonte Thompsons rules the WR roost this week, with 87% of offensive snaps, edging out Zay Jones.

Defense (71 total plays)

  • The Matt Milano and Ramon Humber snap swap continues which is the second best news we have.
  • Nordly Capi continues to rotate in on the defensive line. Kyle Williams remains the headliner in the trenches however, with 63% of defensive snaps. Shockingly, he’s matched this week Jerry Hughes and Adolphus Washington this week.

Special Teams (28 total plays)

  • Nordly Capi saw his lowest special teams total this week, playing only one snap.
  • Joe Webb was in 57% of the time, which is typical when he’s not being called under center. He saw 3 offensive snaps this week, but none as QB.