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Buffalo Bills fans share their Christmas presents

Santa made a lot of Bills fans happy on Christmas day.

The holiday season is coming to a close and so is the NFL regular season with Week 17 starting in a few days. With Christmas happening this week, we asked fans to share with us their Bills related presents that they received. Here are the submissions we received and a few more we nabbed off Twitter.

Bottle openers were a common theme for some fans.

Even Patriot fans get into the holiday spirit.

A friendly holiday reminder on who circles the wagons.

Can’t go anywhere without looking your best while supporting your favorite team.

Bills players also showed love to families who opened their jerseys on Christmas Day. Especially Jordan Poyer, who was pretty popular for fans. Eric Wood and Micah Hyde also retweeted fans who sent pictures of their jerseys in the aftermath on Christmas day.

From every at the Buffalo Rumblings staff, Happy New Year! It’s nice that the Bills are still in it.