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Buffalo Bills hold ground in Week 14 power rankings

Somehow, the Bills didn't fall too much this week

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

After the ugly loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, the Buffalo Bills’ chances to make the playoffs took a huge hit. The first of their four division games in the last five weeks did not go as planned; however, if power rankings mean something to you, the Bills didn't fall many spots, if they even fell at all.

ESPN had the Bills ranked 17th last week, and that is where they will stay for Week 14.

Second-round pick Zay Jones is still working on his chemistry with Bills quarterbacks. Jones has caught only 39.7 percent of his targets, by far the worst of any player with at least 50 targets. The next worst is at 48.1 percent.

Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner have the Bills stuck in the 18th spot for the third straight week. I don't know what they have to do to move around, but it looks like winning and losing keeps them stuck in the mud.

Nathan Peterman got another chance to play when Tyrod Taylor went out with a knee injury. Peterman completed six of 15 passes for 50 yards. At least he didn’t throw five interceptions.

SB Nation is the final site who kept the Bills stuck in a spot; theirs happens to be 16th. Most of these decisions are most likely based on the Bills’ defense playing well and keeping them in the game against an offense as high-powered as the Patriots’.

Buffalo moved down four spots in the power rankings to 20th. They blame the Bills’ struggles on the loss of Marcell Dareus.

Not what we expected from the Bills, whether we're talking about Tyrod Taylor's ill-advised red-zone interception or the quarterback leaving the game early with a knee injury. Unfortunately, the 191 rushing yards allowed to the Patriots are in line with the anticipated outcome of a Buffalo game, at least lately. The run defense has absolutely sucked since Marcell Dareus was traded away at the end of October. After the controversial defensive tackle broke up with Sean McDermott -- or vice versa -- the Bills have allowed 156.3 rushing yards per game. It feels like when a guy gets all full of himself after breaking up with a girl, then sees her with a better-looking dude in an Audi, smiling like a sliced watermelon.

The Bills are now 6-6 and moving further down the In the Hunt category for the NFL playoff picture. If the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans keep winning, the Bills will most likely have to win out and receive a bit of help, which seems oh-so familiar.