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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills passers fail to hit the mark

The passing league is passing the Bills by

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

In their most recent home game against the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills’ passing attack was more misguided than Michael Scott following a GPS. Their three quarterbacks (Tyrod Taylor, Joe Webb, and Nathan Peterman) combined for a 44.1% completion percentage. That number is good for the sixth-worst completion percentage in the NFL this season. In 2017, teams that have completed under half of their pass attempts are 4-19, or a 0.174 winning percentage.

To make matters worse, Tom Brady completed 70% of his passes. This season, there have been eight games in which a team completed under half its passes and allowed their opponent to complete 70% or more of their passes. All eight games have been losses for teams with the lesser passing attack. Since the NFL-AFL merger, teams are 41-414 (0.090 winning percentage) when “attempting” to pull off a victory under these circumstances.

The NFL is, and has been for a while now, a passing league. To compete with the best teams in the league, you need to have a successful passing attack. That is something the Bills have lacked for a woefully long time.