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Video: Defense to be key in beating the Indianapolis Colts

Colts offense has been key in their victories

The Indianapolis Colts are not good, but that does not mean that Buffalo Bills fans should already be counting this Sunday’s game at New Era Field as a win. In order to march towards the playoffs the Bills will need to contain the Colts offense which has been key in their three wins this season.

Through their first 12 games of the 2017 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts are averaging 296 yards per game. However, in their three wins they’ve averaged 384 yards per game. That’s a difference of 88 yards, which is akin to their offense getting an extra quarter of production. The least amount of yards the Colts have put up and won is 335 yards.

Lining up opposite the Colts offense will, of course, be the Bills defense. The Bills defense has been a bit of a Jekyll-and-Hyde unit this year; either shutting their opponents down (Jets, Panthers, Chiefs) or merely serving as a minor speed bump in opposing units’ way to victory (Buccaneers, Saints, Chargers, Patriots). On average the Bills defense is allowing 362 yards per game. They’ll need to do a bit better than average to get a much needed home victory over the Colts.