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The Rick Dennison system

Our investigative journalists uncover the secrets behind Rick Dennison’s approach to the game

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Training Camp Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Coaches are frequently aligned to specific philosophical approaches that define their careers. While this is considered a key facet to their approach, it’s rare to get a candid glimpse of a coach’s underlying philosophy. Aside from a few play calling tendencies, scheme information, personnel preferences and other solid data points, do we ever get a good grasp on what a coach is thinking? Well today we do!

Thanks to the hard work of our top team of investigative journalists, Buffalo Rumblings has an exclusive look at the inner workings of Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. One hidden camera and notes taken from a personnel meeting provide the codex to crack the complex philosophical underpinnings of Dennison’s approach to the game.

Rick Dennison gives a detailed analysis of what improvements he expects from the offense.
Jeff Kantrowski -

During the offensive meeting we absolutely for sure were at and were able to take notes from, Rick Dennison reviewed his approach with the team. The conviction from Dennison was apparent, as all participants had memorized the following system and were reciting it with him.

Coincidentally, the philosophy Dennison lives and dies with shares his last name. After a grueling effort, we have uncovered and now bring to you; The DENNISON System

Demonstrate physicality

Eventually score points

Not to worry, field goals are great

Nearly perfect from 50+

I’ve never called plays before

Scripted plays are neat

Occasionally don’t start game with play-action

Next year we’ll get ‘em

So there you have it! The entire approach behind the 2017 Buffalo Bills offense laid out plain as day. Now don’t go sharing this with the Indianapolis Colts.