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Colts at Bills: Break out the winter gear

The weather could be a factor for fans and players alike this week

This Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts take on the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, NY. Winter is officially here, with much of Western New York under a thin layers of fresh snow. Wintry weather should be expected to continue through the game and will impact everyone on and off the field.

Game time will see temperatures in the mid-20s, with morning temperatures being a bit cooler. Wind speeds are expected to increase throughout the day. Speeds of 10-15 mph can be expected early on, but could jump to the 15-25 range as the game progresses. Flurries are expected, but there’s a chance of more developed snowfall during the game.

Temperatures should be at least partially problematic for players with the ball and turf having less give. Wind chill is never a joke in our region which could impact players as the game goes on. The biggest factor will be the wind, which has a tendency to be unpredictable at New Era Field. To prepare, the Indianapolis Colts reportedly practiced outside on Friday. Despite temperature around 25 degrees, the offensive line was spotted in shorts and jerseys.

Fans should dive into their wardrobes, avoid the allure of fawns and Turkish delight, and come out in the winter gear. Anyone tailgating should be particularly careful. The combination of low temperatures, moderate winds, and alcohol can be a dangerous one.

If you still need a ticket, or a few extra bucks, the Bills are currently in need of shovelers. Anyone working for four or more hours will receive a ticket to the game in addition to $11 an hour. For full details, click here.