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New England Patriots can claim the AFC East division crown Monday night

Same story, different year.

The New England Patriots can claim their ninth consecutive AFC East division crown this weekend and it’s a pretty easy and straightforward path.

If the Patriots win on Monday Night Football, defeating the Miami Dolphins, New England will get to 11 wins. Second-place Buffalo can only get to 10 wins so it would clinch the spot.

New England can also clinch before they even play on Monday. If Buffalo loses on Sunday, meaning the best record they could end with is nine wins, the Patriots would clinch without even playing a snap.

Buffalo hasn’t won the AFC East since the 1995 season when Jim Kelly was still under center. The Patriots have won it 17 times since then. Miami hasn’t won it since 2008 (when Tom Brady was injured) and their only other win since Buffalo’s last crown was 2000. The New York Jets only have two division titles in their NFL-era history, both during Buffalo’s divisional drought (1998, 2002).