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Super Bowl uniforms, patches, and the Buffalo Bills

Uniforms and patches are just another way the Bills factor into Super Bowl lore.

Believe it or not, the Buffalo Bills are a bigger part of Super Bowl history than their appearance streak in the big game. Of course, I’m referencing their involvement in the history of the uniforms on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Bills wore white once and blue three times, but that’s not exactly where they factor into Super Bowl history regarding the game’s threads. This 2016 article on the Carolina Panthers website explains the color-designation process of the Super Bowl uniforms:

“For the first 12 Super Bowls, the NFL designated that home team wear their colored jerseys while the road team wore white. Beginning with Super Bowl XIII in 1979, the home team was given the option to choose its colors.”

The Atlanta Falcons are the designated home team this year and will likely wear their red uniforms, so the New England Patriots would wear white.

Buffalo factors into another important aesthetic part of Super Bowl lure. The Bills vs. Giants matchup in Super Bowl XXV marked the first time the NFL slapped Super Bowl patches on the corner of the uniforms.

Jim Kelly

What’s weird is that those iconic Super Bowl patches didn’t become the norm after that game in 1991. According to Paul Lukas of ESPN and Uniwatch, it would “be seven more years before teams once again wear the game's logo on their jerseys.”