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Worst value 2016 Buffalo Bills salary cap, no. 9: Jordan Mills

The Bills offensive line makes an appearance on our list.

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Every NFL team has contracts they wish they could ditch or players they hoped would live up to the big money handed them in free agency. Most of the time, that's not how it worked. Several Buffalo Bills provided a low return on their investment during the 2016 season.

The numbers we use have been calculated and assembled by, and is the player's total salary cap figure for 2016. That includes prorated portions of signing bonuses, salary, and any other bonuses paid to give the most complete picture of total payments.

Number 9 - OT Jordan Mills ($1.67 million cap hit)

It’s not often that a guy who plays 97% of the the team’s snaps is rated a bad investment at $1.67 million. Mills had a decent start to the season but could not maintain the momentum. Over the course of two games in the middle of the season, he surrendered 17 pressures and four sacks against the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks, according to Pro Football Focus.

With the Bills getting solid play from Ryan Groy in relief of an injured Eric Wood elsewhere on the line, it’s tough to think Buffalo couldn’t get a cheaper right tackle to play as well as Mills did in 2016. Of course, that was supposed to be Seantrel Henderson whose bouts with Crohn’s disease and subsequent suspensions have been well documented.

Mills was signed for the 2016 season as restricted free agent and enters the offseason poised to hit unrestricted free agency. With his offensive line coach gone, it’s safe to say Mills probably won’t be back in 2017.