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Worst value 2016 Buffalo Bills salary cap, no. 8: Stephon Gilmore

A Pro Bowler was paid too much?

Every NFL team has contracts they wish they could ditch or players they hoped would live up to the big money handed them in free agency. Most of the time, that's not how it worked. Several Buffalo Bills provided a low return on their investment during the 2016 season.

The numbers we use have been calculated and assembled by, and is the player's total salary cap figure for 2016. That includes prorated portions of signing bonuses, salary, and any other bonuses paid to give the most complete picture of total payments.

Number 8 - CB Stephon Gilmore ($11.1 million)

As far as cap numbers go, Gilmore’s was the second-highest on the team and the sixth-highest among NFL cornerbacks. Gilmore’s figure represented 7.27% of Buffalo’s entire salary cap in 2016. Those players are supposed to be transcendent and while he played well most of the time, he didn’t live up to that figure.

He snagged five interceptions and knocked down 12 passes to earn a Pro Bowl nod, but horrific games against the New York Jets and New England Patriots, plus being out on an island on a few more long touchdowns make his mistakes really visible. The early season Jets game, in particular, sticks out as Ryan Fitzpatrick had a field day passing the ball on the vaunted cornerback duo and Rex Ryan’s defense.