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Tyrod Taylor’s injured groin fully healed, per report

The Bills won’t have to fork over a heavy injury guarantee with the news.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor has been medically cleared from his groin surgery according to a team source. Taylor had surgery on January 5th.

The surgery seemed to be a point of consternation with the team, as they put out an oddly-worded statement in the immediate aftermath, seemingly distancing themselves from the decision on surgery. Since then, however, Tyrod has posted videos of himself performing light drills at the team facility. Today’s report coincides with the original 6-10 week recovery timeline, as the surgery was performed just over six weeks ago.

This news would appear to clear a big hang-up with Taylor’s contract, namely the injury clause that would have made his $27.5 million signing bonus guaranteed regardless of whether or not the team decided to pick up the remainder of his contract. With the injury fully healed, the team can now focus on other factors in their decision regarding Taylor’s future with the team.

The deadline for the decision on the remainder of the deal is March 11, which is 17 days away. The Bills now have one less factor to worry about when it comes to deciding.