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Worst value 2016 Buffalo Bills salary cap, no. 1: Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush earned a paycheck in 2016.

Every NFL team has contracts they wish they could ditch or players they hoped would live up to the big money handed them in free agency. Most of the time, that's not how it worked. Several Buffalo Bills provided a low return on their investment during the 2016 season.

The numbers we use have been calculated and assembled by, and is the player's total salary cap figure for 2016. That includes prorated portions of signing bonuses, salary, and any other bonuses paid to give the most complete picture of total payments.

Number 1 - RB Reggie Bush ($1.5 million cap hit)

In a league where you can often find production from relative nobodies at the running back position, Bush was signed to be depth at a position with injury conerns as well as contribute in the slot and return game. Despite being healthy all season, that didn’t happen.

Bush became the first running back since the AFL-NFL merger to get at least ten carries in a season and still end it with negative rushing yards. He finished with -3 yards on 12 carries in 13 games. He did add a touchdown and 90 yards on seven receptions but also fumbled once.

With a cap hit that was 29th among NFL running backs, you expect a lot more. Bush is a free agent.