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Tyrod Taylor discusses Buffalo Bills, his future from Super Bowl

The Bills quarterback made quite the bold statement about his team.

In an impromptu interview with The John Murphy Show on Friday, Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor had plenty to say regarding the new Bills coaching staff, his future, and ongoing rehab. He also was bold with his thoughts about Buffalo’s roster.

"I've talked to Sean McDermott about 5 times. Have seen coach Dennison, just about all offensive staff,” said Taylor about the new Bills coaches. “If I'm the guy management chooses to keep around I just want to be comfortable around those guys."

While answering a question at his introductory press conference, McDermott mentioned he had just met Tyrod, but we didn’t know if the two had been in contact beyond that until now.

The veteran quarterback had groin surgery on January 5 but is expected to be fully healed by mid-March when the Bills have to make their final decision on whether or not they’re going to pick up the option in his contract. He has been rehabbing in Buffalo and wants to stay with the Bills in 2017 and beyond.

Bills edge-rusher and impending free-agent Lorenzo Alexander was also interviewed by John Murphy on Friday. He also has publicly said he wants to return to Buffalo and brought up Tyrod when discussing what will factor into his potential decision:

Also from the Super Bowl festivities, Tyrod made a headline-worthy statement during an interview on NFL Network after explaining he needs to continue to improve his play.

“I know guys are excited, the talent that we have on this team... on paper, we should be the team that’s in the Super Bowl.”

Quite the doozy from Tyrod. The comment is a bit hyperbolic, but you should rarely fault a quarterback for voicing confidence in his team, particularly if that team was in the playoff race until Week 16. It seems like Tyrod is preparing to return to the Bills. If that’s not the case, at the very least, he’s making it clear he wants to come back to Buffalo.