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Super Bowl ticket prices could net Buffalo Bills season tickets

How does the price of one Super Bowl ticket compare to Bills season tickets?

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

The Super Bowl kicks off in Houston later today and if you don’t have a ticket, they are expensive. Since we are Buffalo Bills fans, we compare things to prices here at New Era Field, and a Super Bowl ticket could buy you a lot of season tickets in Orchard Park.

According to TicketCity, the average ticket price for the Super Bowl is $4,744. Most of the secondary market tickets were purchased two weeks ago when the entrants were decided, prices have remained steady since.

The cheapest season ticket at New Era Field is up in the corner bleachers. You can watch ten Bills games in person for just $450 plus taxes and fees. At only $45 bucks a game, it’s a pretty good deal in terms of NFL game ticket prices. If the Bills let you (the max you can purchase is six seats), you could get 10 Buffalo Bills season tickets for less than the cost of one Super Bowl game ticket.

The most expensive season ticket you can buy at the stadium is in the Time Warner Cable Business Class section. Fully enclosed to protect from the elements with cushy seats that include power outlets, it’s a pretty easy way to watch 10 games. It will run you $3250 for the season, which is still less than the cost of just one Super Bowl ticket.