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Super Bowl ratings: Buffalo outshines Boston, Atlanta

Buffalo, once again, places high on TV ratings list.

As the New England Patriots completed an epic comeback in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, the city of Buffalo reminded everyone it’s one of the nation’s best, most passionate sports towns in the country. Check out how the city performed TV-ratings wise.

Where did Boston place?



There were some obvious factors that likely played into this ratings. The collective NFL fan bases in Pittsburgh and Buffalo don’t love the Patriots, and there’s a good chance the two stayed glued to their TVs as the Atlanta Falcons got out to a 28-3 lead. Boston most likely fell into 8th for that very same reason.

Whether it be a Bills or Buffalo Sabres away game, the Stanley Cup Final, NBA Finals, World Series, or Super Bowl, Buffalo routinely places near the top of the TV ratings lists, proving itself as one of premiere sports-loving cities in the United States.