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Tyrod Taylor posts workout videos at Buffalo Bills facilities

What exactly does this mean?

The NFL offseason is officially here, which means were about a month from the start of free agency and less than two months away from the draft. For the Buffalo Bills, the critical decision regarding Tyrod Taylor will be here before we know it. As we pointed out yesterday, the window for the Bills to release Tyrod opened the day after the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday afternoon, the veteran quarterback posted this video to his Instagram account. Tyrod also posted a variety of similar workout videos to his Instagram story.

Progressing....Trust It

A video posted by Tyrod Taylor (@tytaylor) on

Tyrod’s making it clear to everyone he’s, at the very least, close to being fully healed from his January groin surgery. That’s important because if he can pass a physical in early March it erases the possibility of the Bills having to pay him the now-famous $27.5 million injury guarantee. It also indirectly indicates that proving he’s healthy means more to Tyrod than trying to get the injury guarantee from Buffalo.

It is worth noting he’s chosen to workout at the Bills facilities instead of a training facility outside of Buffalo. It’s why he has met with Sean McDermott so much despite it being the early offseason.