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Buffalo Bills Super Bowl records broken by New England Patriots

The Patriots surpassed some Bills Super Bowl records Sunday.

Last week, we touched on some Super Bowl records that the Buffalo Bills and their players held on to since their last appearance in the game 23 years ago. A couple of those records fell on Sunday at the hands of Tom Brady.

In all, the Patriots and their players set 24 records in their victory and tied five more. In addition, Grady Jarrett of the Atlanta Falcons became the first player to register three sacks in a game since sacks became an official stat in 1982. (L.C. Greenwood of the Steelers recorded four during Super Bowl X in 1976.)

Two of those records had been held by former Bills players. One, which fell as soon as the game started, was Mike Lodish’s record for most Super Bowl appearances. Lodish played in all four games for the Bills, as well as two for the Denver Broncos at the end of the 1990’s. Brady appeared in his seventh Super Bowl on Sunday.

Additionally, Brady also broke Jim Kelly’s record for pass attempts in a Super Bowl with 62. Brady needed an extra drive in overtime to break the record, as he finished regulation with 55 passes. Kelly threw 58 times in the loss to Washington in Super Bowl XXVI. Coincidentally, Brady tied Kelly’s record with an 18-yard pass to former Bill Chris Hogan in overtime.