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Jordan Poyer’s Buffalo Bills contract makes him a starting safety

The Bills may have found a starting safety after all.

The Buffalo Bills released Corey Graham and Aaron Williams last week and signed Micah Hyde, so it would seem they are short a starting safety. Now that we have contract numbers for free agent signee Jordan Poyer, it looks like Buffalo already has their starting safety in mind.

“Safety Jordan Poyer signed a 4-year deal with the Bills worth $13 million with $6 million guaranteed,” writes Mike Rodak at ESPN. “He received a $3.5 million signing bonus.”

Rodak goes on to explain the details of the contract but there is one thing you can’t ignore; that deal is for a starting-level safety. According to, the average yearly pay of $3.25 million is currently 35th among NFL safeties. (Remember there are two of them on each team, so he’s just outside the top half of the league.)

Poyer has his 2017 figure and a portion of his 2018 salary guaranteed, so it looks like he will be around for the near future, at least. His cap number is just under $2.5 million in 2017.