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Tyrod Taylor’s future with the Buffalo Bills is the subject of conflicting reports

Vic Carucci and Chris Brown offer up differing opinions on the future of the two-year starter.

The decision on Tyrod Taylor when it comes to his future with the Buffalo Bills needs to be made at some point in the next eight days, at which point his $27.5 million contract extension becomes official.

Accordingly, conflicting reports are coming in around what exactly that decision might be.

Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News, in a video with WGRZ’s Adam Benigni, speculated that the team may be leaning towards letting Taylor walk rather than pick up the five-year extension, based on Sean McDermott’s answers to the questions about Taylor during yesterday’s presser at the NFL Combine. Less than a day later, Bills team reporter Chris Brown reported about the possibility of renegotiating Taylor’s deal to bring down the large amount of guaranteed money.

Brown also brought up the possibility of trading Taylor. Any trade would need to be completed between March 9 (when the league year begins) and the 11 (the last day before his guaranteed money is due). The possibility of a trade is something that our own Chris Trapasso and Tom Mitchell also covered here yesterday.

The decision is now in it’s final week. Everybody seems to have guesses as to what it’ll be, but they’re all over the map. McDermott seemed content with letting it go down to the wire, and given all of the conflicting reports it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if that’s what happened.