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Tyrod Taylor speculation roundup

The deadline is Saturday.

The Buffalo Bills have to make a decision on Tyrod Taylor in less than a week. Here at Rumblings, we’re looking forward to the end of the speculation saga much as you are. But until an official announcement is made, it’s our duty to provide Tyrod updates.

So onward we march.

On Friday, Jeff Hunter wrote an important piece on, at the time, the latest Tyrod-related news. It clarified that Vic Carucci’s opinion on what Buffalo would do with their incumbent starter was indeed speculation although it was being labeled as “a report” in some places.

That same day, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports did issue a report stating the Bills coaches and executives were split on Tyrod.

On Saturday, John Wawrow of the Associated Press responded with this report:

Today, La Canfora wrote “the Bills do not plan to retain Taylor at his current contract,” linking to his previous “rift” article, and followed up with this:

“League sources said the Browns have significant interest in Taylor as a free agent. Taylor has strong ties to some on the Browns staff already and if/when he hits the open market I would be shocked if the Browns don’t make a real push for him. Many in the league believe that’s where he will end up.”

You know what I think — the Bills realize there’s no reason to make a decision on Tyrod before to deadline because they could get blown away by a trade offer.

In the end though, Josh Reed of WIVB in Buffalo had the best reaction to all the speculation: