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Report: Bills scouts expecting firings after the 2017 NFL Draft

Pro Football Talk reports a pending house cleaning.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Buffalo Bills may be revamping their scouting department following the 2017 NFL Draft.

One of Florio’s sources, a scout, stated that “We are all getting fired next week.”

If the Pegulas and new head coach Sean McDermott are interested in bringing in new talent, after the draft would be the typical time. So much scouting is done during the regular season that it’s too much to ask for a new staff to take over the responsibilities with only a few weeks or months remaining before the draft. As Florio mentioned, once the draft is over, the scouts have completed their main responsibilities. This move would also benefit any new scouts, who would have a full year before their first draft with the team. It also would not be the first time the Bills fired a scout days after the draft. In early May 2011, the team fired long time employee and then Director of College Scouting, Tom Modrak.

The team commented on this report stating that “Right now, our focus is on the preparation for this week’s draft. Like every year, evaluations of our player personnel staff take place following the draft. And this year will be no different.”

If the scouts are being the shown the door, there’s an obvious followup question: will the rumors surrounding General Manager Doug Whaley’s tenure coming to an end be true?