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Report: Bills unlikely to take a quarterback in round one of the draft

That doesn’t rule out a later selection, though.

Were you pinning your hopes on the Bills making a quarterback selection with the tenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft? Perhaps everyone else holds off on starting the quarterback run, and they get their pick of the litter? Per a report by John Wawrow of The Associated Press, you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Wawrow, whose sources successfully delivered unto him the news that the Bills were planning to draft defense with their first two picks last year, has heard from two members of the Bills organization that a quarterback is unlikely in the first round. This would run contrary to the belief that has permeated throughout the league for the last month that the Bills were all-in on North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

While ESPN’s Adam Schefter is doing his best to drum up drama for a potential Trubisky pick at number one, and the San Francisco 49ers can’t be completely ruled out for picking a quarterback, conventional wisdom has suggested that the first landing point for a QB in this year’s draft would either be with the Jets at the sixth overall pick, or one selection earlier via a team trading for the pick owned by the Tennessee Titans.

For the most part, this draft’s top quarterbacks (Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, DeShone Kizer, and apparently Davis Webb) are expected to come off the board in the middle to late first round or at the top of the second round. That might be before Buffalo’s next selection, begging the question: Is Buffalo planning to be “in” on any of these quarterbacks, or are they hoping to settle with a Nate Peterman or Chad Kelly selection on the third day of the draft?