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Doug Whaley “originated” Buffalo Bills first-round trade with Kansas City Chiefs

Oh really?

While speculation is swirling that Doug Whaley could be fired as early as Sunday with the rest of the team’s current scouting staff, it was the Buffalo Bills GM who put the trade back in motion.

Check out this tweet from BJ Kissel, a writer for

This isn’t an unnamed source passing along info to an insider. This is coming from a Chiefs reporter from Chiefs GM John Dorsey, neither would have any reason to lie to help or protect Whaley.

Obviously, I doubt Whaley acted alone here. Remember, McDermott has ties to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, and there likely was dialogue between the two former Eagles coaches. But Dorsey’s comments are pretty telling regarding Whaley’s involvement.

According to ESPN’s Mike Rodak, Bills head coach Sean McDermott used the pronoun “I” instead of “we” on a few occasions while speaking about the draft on Thursday night, insinuating McDermott was essentially calling the shots in Round 1.

Here’s what Rodak wrote:

“There were several instances of Bills coach Sean McDermott using the word "I" instead of "we" when describing Buffalo's decisions in the draft Thursday night. McDermott at one point corrected himself by saying "we," but it served as another sign that GM Doug Whaley's role is diminished. Whaley has not spoken to reporters since the Senior Bowl in January.”

That’s lovely “analysis” there, but in the official transcript of McDermott’s comments after Buffalo picked Tre’Davious White, the head coach used the word “we” 59 times while giving his opening statement and answering 19 questions.

Listen, I wouldn’t be shocked if Whaley is either let go or demoted after the draft. But at this point, suggesting or insinuating that McDermott is “leaking” anything or tipping the Bills hand regarding Whaley’s future is trying to “push” something that simply isn’t there.