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Buffalo Bills 2017 NFL Draft order changed again after trade with Los Angeles Rams

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The Bills traded up to pick WR Zay Jones

The Buffalo Bills have added another fifth-round pick but lost their second-round pick and a third-round pick after trading with the Los Angeles Rams during the second round. Last night, Buffalo moved down 17 spots in the first round but gained a third round pick in this year’s draft in addition to a first rounder a year from now.

The team’s remaining picks are:

  • Round 3 - 75 overall
  • Round 5 - 149 overall (from Los Angeles)
  • Round 5 - 156 overall
  • Round 5 - 163 overall (from New England)
  • Round 5 - 171 overall (from Dallas)
  • Round 6 - 195 overall