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2017 NFL Draft: Day three open thread

Nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon? Come chat about the draft!

We’re in the home stretch of the 2017 NFL Draft, Bills fans. The Bills have three picks remaining in the draft (two fifth round picks and one sixth round pick); not to say that they couldn’t add or subtract more through more nefarious trading.

As they say, days one and two of the draft are about the decision-makers in the war room. Day three is about the scouts, pounding the table for their unsung prospects in hope of finding the cream of the crop. If you have some free time today, come sit and talk about today’s prospects in here!

You might not recognize most of the players being drafted today. To save you some effort, I recommend you download a copy of our Draft Guide and look those names up therein.

Who’s excited for day three of the draft? (Or excited for the draft to be almost over)