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2017 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills undrafted free-agent tracker

The undrafted free-agent signing period is pure chaos.

Once the NFL Draft ends, the undrafted free-agent period is the wild west. Keep these things to keep in mind as we start to hear about rumored undrafted free-agent signings for the Buffalo Bills:

  1. Players sometimes change their minds and sign elsewhere.
  2. Some "signings" (especially tweets from players) are invitations to rookie minicamp on tryouts.

To get a feel for what type of players will be UDFA signings here is last year’s tracker.

We will try to track as many UDFA reports or rumors as we can. Stay tuned.

Buffalo RB Jordan Johnson

Louisville TE Keith Towbridge

Nebraska WR Brandon Reilly

Tennessee TE Jason Croom

West Georgia CB Marcus Sayles

West Virginia S Jeremy Tyler

West Virginia WR Daikiel Shorts

Maine LS Jeremy Salmon

Idaho P Austin Rekhow

Georgia RT Greg Pyke

South Carolina DL Marquavious Lewis