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Buffalo Bills promote Marlon Kerner, hire three football operations staff members

The Bills continue their behind-the-scenes work.

Former Buffalo Bills defensive back Marlon Kerner (1995-1998) was promoted this week into a new role as a player management executive. Formerly the director of alumni, Kerner will now also oversee player engagement. Buffalo also hired three new staff members for their player management department.

Player management typically deals with all of the off-field information players need to know. Transitioning from college to the pros and to Buffalo for the rookies, financial and family planning, and post-career planning are just some of the services provided by the player engagement office.

Also added this week were Will Greenberg, Denny Kellington, and Len Vanden Bos. Greenberg will serve as assistant strength and conditioning coach. Kellington will act as assistant athletic trainer. Vanden Bos is the new team chaplain. All have extensive experience in their roles.

These four moves come less than a week after their predecessors were fired and continues a pattern of shake ups are One Bills Drive following the ouster of head coach and team mouthpiece Rex Ryan. Buffalo’s entire player engagement office is new, their locker room atmosphere has been reset, they have a new vice president of communications, and have hired an outside talent consultant to improve their interactions with fans and the media.