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McDermott says Tyrod Taylor’s ‘movement’ will be central to Buffalo Bills identity on offense

The head coach says his QB’s mobility makes him a great fit in OC Rick Dennison’s offense.

The 2017 season will be Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott first as the lead man on the sidelines. Surely, the coach has ideas on how attempt to correct things that he perceives have held the team back in the past—he’s already given One Bills Drive a face lift—but he’d be a fool to try and put his stamp on everything. Especially on things that have already proven to be successful.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” this old adage applies perfectly to Tyrod Taylor’s greatest asset as a quarterback—his mobility. McDermott wisely says that he has no plans to alter how his starting signal-caller plays, In fact, the coach gushed about Taylor’s “movement” while speaking to reporters at the AFC Coaches Breakfast during the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix last week.

"So you start with the run game, and that's a big part of who we're going to be on offense," the coach said. "You've got to be able to run the football when the defense knows it is coming, and that's big. When they feel like they know you're going to run the football, you've got to be able to run it to win games at the end of the game or to open up games.”

"And that just opens up the play-action game with the play-faking and getting Tyrod on the edge of the defense and trying to put ourselves in favorable third-down situations or red-zone situations. That's a big part of the formula to playing winning football."

First, as a rookie head coach and a defensive minded one at that, McDermott should be applauded for choosing to focus his offensive strategy around the running game. This has been a strength of the Bills lately having bested the rest of the NFL in rushing the past couple of seasons. And with the core of players responsible for this returning in 2017, it would make no sense to deviate.

Second, Taylor’s movement appears to mesh with the scheme McDermott’s offensive coordinator Rick Dennison will presumably run: a West Coast Offense. According to Vic Caruci of The Buffalo News, McDermott said he would need the full length of the allotted time with the media in Phoenix to explain why Taylor was a great fit in Dennison’s offense. You can read in depth about what the Bills 2017 offense may look like here, but in a nutshell, it features zone running plays and tons of play-action and bootlegs from a quarterback lined up under center. The later of which McDermott reiterated during his chat with the media.

With a forgettable offseason in terms of what Buffalo did—or more accurately, failed to do in attempting to address its offensive needs in free agency—it makes much more sense for McDermott to be all in on Taylor. The Bills have fielded a dynamic, exciting offense to watch with Taylor at the helm, and at least from a coaching and scheme perspective, that should continue going forward.