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Doug Whaley possibly “in love” with DeShaun Watson

Bills could be the QB wildcard in the first round.

Bleacher Report’s lead NFL Draft Writer, Matt Miller, has reported that Buffalo Bills General Manager Doug Whaley might be “in love with [Deshaun] Watson.”

While talking to a NFL Director of Player Personnel, Miller was told “I don't think that run on quarterbacks is gonna happen early. I think it happens in the 20s” and then that “the wild card, he said, is Buffalo at No. 10 overall if general manager Doug Whaley is ‘as in love with [Deshaun] Watson as we hear he is.’” Let’s dissect the two newsworthy items here.

Rumor #1: No quarterbacks being taken before the Bills’ pick

While no quarterbacks being taken before the Bills are on the clock would not be shocking, it would be disappointing. It would likely mean that many of the Bills’ targets would be gone. It could mean that Marshon Lattimore, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, and OJ Howard are all off the board. These are best players at positions of need for the Buffalo Bills and not having a chance at any of them would be deflating.

Rumor #2: Doug Whaley is in love with Deshaun Watson

We all the know the situation at quarterback now and since 1999. Bills fans haven’t had The One at the most important position in sports for a long, long time. Tyrod Taylor is here now, and did an okay job leading the offense for the last two seasons. However, most people agree he is not The One, not the long term answer. So who will that guy be? The Bills have been linked to Watson all offseason because of his big school pedigree, his history of winning, and a skill set similar to Tyrod Taylor.

Most of the Buffalo Rumblings staff would not make this link, mostly because we believe that none of the quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft are worthy of the #10 pick. That being said, we do agree that the Bills need to figure out a long-term plan at QB. The renegotiation of Taylor’s contract leads many to believe that Whaley agrees with us. If Whaley thinks Watson is The One then he’ll certainly take him at 10.

Don’t forget this though, it is LYIN’ SEASON. This is the time of year where all sorts of rumors get floated by NFL front offices in hopes of gaining an edge over their opponents. Remember how the Bills were definitely picking Ryan Nassib? Or that Buffalo’s front office made it known that Corey Glenn was a guard only in the NFL? Whaley could simply be floating the rumor that Watson is his guy in hopes that another team wants him and would be willing to give up an asset (or two) to get him. I, for one, hope this is the case. Only time will tell whether Whaley is “as in love” with Watson as this anonymous NFL source says.