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Tre’Davious White analysis from LSU writer

Billy Gomila from And The Valley Shook weighs in on White’s career with the Tigers and his future in the NFL.

How do those who cover LSU football view Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White?

(I’ve found it’s always a good practice to get perspective on a player from someone who covered that player during his time in college.)

I reached out to Billy Gomila from And The Valley Shook, of SB Nation’s awesomely named LSU Tigers blog, and here’s what he wrote about the rookie defensive back:

“Tre'Davious White was a four-year starter for LSU. He got on the field just a few games into his true freshman season, and over those next four years he was as consistent as any player could be both on the field and off. He was a fantastic representative of the program, a strong student and a remarkably steady cornerback. He wasn't as flashy as players like Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne or Tyrann Mathieu, and he kind of suffered in comparison to them. But that's far from a knock on his play. He's not as physical as you'd like, but he mirrors incredibly well, has quick feet and loose hips and rarely lets a player by him.

If there's a hole in his game, it's that he could occasionally get caught peaking and let a player get away from him. And as a punt returner, he had really bad judgment and questionable hands -- although he was explosive when he did catch the ball. I don't know that he'll be a superstar, or even a No. 1 corner in the league, but I could see him being a very good No. 2 corner for a very long time. He could also play some nickel or maybe even move to safety. The Bills got a very good player.”