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Buffalo Bills score high on cumulative draft-grade chart

Did the Bills have a good 2017 draft? The majority of evaluators think so.

Want a ton of 2017 NFL draft grades all in one location? Great. We’ve got you covered. This amazing cumulative chart of 2017 draft grades given by 13 evaluators was floating around Twitter on Wednesday and the Buffalo Bills did well by most measures.


To summarize the Bills grades:

  • Three “A”
  • Three “A-”
  • Four “B”
  • Two “B-”
  • One “C+”

Buffalo’s grade average was a B+, which made the Bills one of eight teams to score that high. Only the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns had grade averages higher at A-. The Miami Dolphins had a grade average of B, and the New York Jets’ grade average was B-.

All in all, the consensus seems to be that the Bills had a rather strong 2017 draft, probably due to the three likely starters they landed their first three selections and players who fit very well in Buffalo’s offensive and defensive schemes.