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Zach Brown wants to win defensive MVP

Zach Brown is preparing a revenge tour after his lackluster free agency outcome.

Former Buffalo Bills linebacker Zach Brown is looking to get back at the teams who skipped on him after a solid season in Buffalo - he said as much in an interview with ESPN’s John Keim. Brown signed a one-year deal with the Washington Redskins this offseason for just over $4.5 million. During a one-year stay with the Bills, Brown earned his first Pro Bowl nod, but he has his sights set higher: defensive MVP.

Brown feels he has to prove to himself and others again that he is one of the better linebackers in this league:

"I can play with the best of them. I'm not just another linebacker that can be replaced. I feel I'm one of the top guys in the league at inside linebacker. I can do everything."

During his free agency tour, Brown met with a handful of teams, including the Bills, the Oakland Raiders, and the Miami Dolphins, but he never seemed satisfied with the deals being offered. With an eventual goal to secure a long term deal, Brown’s stay in Washington could be that springboard; the Redskins need a lot of help on that side of the ball. If his game continues to elevate, he should succeed in Washington along with their other offseason additions on the defensive side of the ball, including Jonathan Allen who was seen as one of the top five prospects in the 2017 draft. That said, he should try to earn a starting role on his new squad before he can start sharing visions of trophies.