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Tyrod Taylor had 7th-best QB rating while under pressure in 2016

#TyrodStats are fun.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was highlighted in one Pro Football Focus’ latest stat graphics on Twitter.

This image focuses on the signal-callers performance under pressure during the 2016 season.

Senior analyst Mike Renner provided context on Tyrod’s QB rating while under pressure compared to all other quarterbacks in the NFL.

The league average QB rating without pressure was 100.6 in 2016. The league average QB rating with pressure was 66.8. That’s a drop of 33.8 points due to the presence of pressure.

Last year, Tyrod’s QB rating without pressure was 94.3. His QB rating with pressure was, as noted above, 80.1. That’s a dip of just 14.2 points.

Tyrod was slightly more than six points under the league average for QB rating without pressure — he needs to improve in that situation — but 13.3 points above the NFL average in QB rating with pressure.

Per PFF Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo, Tyrod was 64 of 143 (44.7%) for 996 yards (6.96 yards per attempt) with 10 TDs and four INTs while under pressure in 2016.

The combination of these advanced statistics helps to dispel the notion that Tyrod is ineffective in the face of pressure because he morphs into a running back in those situations.