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Buffalo Bills salary cap: Aaron Williams savings added

The Bills get some more cap space today.

The Buffalo Bills are receiving some salary cap space today as part of a move they made months ago.

Safety Aaron Williams was designated as a post-June 1st cut when he was released back in March, and now that it is after June 1st, his $4.2 million cap savings is officially added on the team’s salary cap. Buffalo had $11.558 million in cap space prior to today, so they now have $15.758 million in cap space to work with or eventually carry over to next year. This figure includes the top 51 players of the 87 currently on the roster, including the recently drafted rookies.

Following his release, Williams didn’t meet with a team until May 3rd when his former coach, Doug Marrone, brought him in for a visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He says he is healthy and would like to continue his career but no team has signed him yet.