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Tyrod Taylor hangs out with Allen Iverson

We’re not sure if there was a specific reason why, but Tyrod posted a picture on his Instagram story.

Tyrod Taylor and NBA legend Allen Iverson recently spent some time together in a gym, and the Buffalo Bills quarterback has a picture to prove it.

This was a part of Tyrod’s Instagram story on Wednesday.

As Rumblings staffer Josh Rawdin speculated, Iverson could be getting ready for his debut as one of the captains in the “Big 3,” a professional three-on-three basketball league he’s a part of that’s supposed to begin on June 25. There are plenty of videos on the Big 3 website already but none feature Iverson wearing that outfit.

Also, it’s not that outrageous for Tyrod and Iverson to chill together. They’re both from the famed, Virginia Beach area, a locale in which many high-profile professional athletes were raised and played their high school ball.

Notable names from the 757 area code beyond Iverson and Tyrod:

  • Bruce Smith
  • Lawrence Taylor
  • Mike Vick
  • Percy Harvin
  • Plaxico Burress
  • Kam Chancellor
  • Alonzo Mourning (basketball)
  • Kenny Easley
  • DeAngelo Hall
  • B.J. Upton (baseball)
  • Justin Upton (baseball)
  • Ronald Curry
  • Jerod Mayo
  • Dwight Stephenson
  • Antoine Bethea
  • Aaron Brooks
  • David Wright (baseball)
  • LeShawn Merritt (track)
  • Ryan Zimmerman (baseball)

Yeah, it’s pretty clear the Hampton Roads section of Virginia is undoubtedly a hotbed for athletic talent.

As the Big 3 tips off soon, be on the lookout for Tyrod in the background of a promotional video or commercial.