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What do Buffalo Bills get for Derek Carr money?

Let’s look at some contracts.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr just signed a $125 million deal, making him the NFL’s highest-paid player. While he reportedly wants to spend it all on Chick-fil-A, there are probably better ways to use it. How do the Buffalo Bills spend it?

Taking a look at and the Bills contracts, apparently they could get a lot of players for that. Of the 103 players on Buffalo’s books, the bottom 78 contracts still wouldn’t outweigh Carr’s. The $123.9 million for players from Greg Mabin ($465,000) to Ronald Darby ($4.6 million) excludes the team’s top 25 contracts.

Looking at the top of Buffalo’s contract spectrum, the Bills could almost fit two of their most expensive contracts into Carr’s $125 million figure. Marcell Dareus signed a $95 million deal to make him the highest-priced Bills player. A few spots down the list, Tyrod Taylor has a $30.5 million deal. Together, Dareus and Taylor account for just a hair more than Carr’s $125 million number. Or you could quadruple Tyrod’s deal and still be under Carr’s.

Further down the list, Cordy Glenn’s $60 million plus Jerry Hughes’ $45 million could still add Sammy Watkins’ $19.9 million and be under Carr’s contract. Another combination is LeSean McCoy ($40 million), Charles Clay ($38 million), Micah Hyde ($30.5 million), and Richie Incognito ($15.75 million).

Granted, the Bills would love to have a huge contract for their starting quarterback because he plays so well. Maybe next year.